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Classroom Strategies for Dynamic Teachers, Second Edition

Classroom Strategies for Dynamic Teachers, Second Edition
Author Mary Anne Medo and Jane Elizabeth Marko
Format Paperback & PDF, 106 Pages
Price $19.95
Digital Price $11.95

$19.95 Printed Book (

$11.95 Digital Book (PDF)
Digital Version Includes 25 Smart Board Notebook Lessons and Blackline Masters to get you started on developing your own Notebook Lessons.

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We know that dynamic teachers work endlessly to design engaging lessons for their students. We also know that time and resources are limited. Teachers need a resource at their fingertips that's quick and easy to use. We believe that with our combined experiences teaching at all levels, including the university, we can provide a resource that will enable you to revitalize strategies you already use and add proven strategies to your repertoire. These strategies will surely engage students and help them succeed.

The body of this book is divided into four sections as well as SMART Board enhanced. The first three sections include strategies that may be used either before, during, or after reading/learning. The fourth section consists of strategies that are typically used in more than one part of a lesson. Explanations and examples of how to use the strategies on the SMART Board are also included. Please don't overlook strategies you know. You'll recognize many of them, but you might find a new twist.

Many strategies incorporate scaffolded instruction. You'll see that we included dynamic teaching practices by offering ideas for modeling, giving guided practice, and engaging students in independent practice. While not all strategies fall neatly into these segments, we did our best to point you in that direction.

The purchase of the book includes SMART Notebook files of most of the strategies to save you time when using the strategies with the SMART Board.

Jane Elizabeth Marko, M.S.


Jane Elizabeth Marko, M.S. is president of Marko & Associates, an education consulting company focusing on bringing passion and enthusiasm to the schools.

She has over 20 years of experience in education, teaching many grade levels as well as administrating a district reading program. Jane has taught reading and education courses at the university level.

As a classroom teacher, Jane Elizabeth received the Senator Kohl Fellowship Award identifying her as a teacher of excellence. As a Master Teacher, she has successfully used all of the strategies in Classroom Strategies for Dynamic Teachers making this book practical for the busy teacher.


Mary Anne Medo, Ph.D.
Dr. Mary Medo earned her Ph.D. in reading Education from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. She has ardently shared her knowledge by teaching reading methods classes at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Dr. Medo has presented at many national conferences, has facilitated numerous teacher in-service courses, and has coached teachers throughout the United States.

Mary's background as a 25-year veteran public school teacher and reading specialist lends a real-world eye to the application of the strategies in Classroom Strategies for Dynamic Teachers.

Foreward / Introduction / Before Reading Strategies
Anticipation Guides, Character Quotes, Frayer Model, List Group Label, Sequential Roundtable Alphabet, Summary Reflect Predict, Visual Mapping, Word Family Tree, Word Sorts, Word Wizard.

During Reading Strategies
Cornell Notes, Fact Question Response, Flip-Flop Review, Jigsaw, Listing and Categorizing Questions, Reciprocal Questioning, Textbook Activity Guide.

After Reading Strategies
Discussion Web, Framed Paragraphs, IDEAL Problem Solving, Magnet Summaries, R.A.F.T., Save The Last Word For Me, Summary Topic Sentence.

Before, During and After Reading Strategies
Classified Questions, Expectation Grid, K-W-L Plus, SQ3R, Semantic Feature Analysis.

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