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SMART Board Notebook FIles

Smart Board Notebook files
Author Jane Elizabeth Marko
Digital, Contains 25 lessons
Price $4.95

Includes Blackline Masters to get you started on developing your own Notebook Lessons.

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Many of the strategies are a natural for the SMART Board. Save yourself valuable time and use the Notebook templates already created for you. All you need to do is add your content.

Templates are included with the purchase of the second edition. If you own the first edition, just order the SMART Board templates.

Jane is master certified to train teachers in the use of the SMART Board as a teaching tool. She will come to your school and train your teachers to effectively and efficiently use the board for maximum results. This training is much more than just training the use of the board. It introduces teachers to actively using the board to guide students to critical thinking. Contact Jane personally to arrange SMART Board training at your school. Email or call Jane directly at 414-688-5263.

Jane Elizabeth Marko, M.S.


Jane Elizabeth Marko, M.S. is president of Marko & Associates, an education consulting company focusing on bringing passion and enthusiasm to the schools.

She has over 20 years of experience in education, teaching many grade levels as well as administrating a district reading program. Jane has taught reading and education courses at the university level.

As a classroom teacher, Jane Elizabeth received the Senator Kohl Fellowship Award identifying her as a teacher of excellence. As a Master Teacher, she has successfully used all of the strategies in Classroom Strategies for Dynamic Teachers on hundreds of students.

Notebook Files
Anticipation guide
Character quote
Classified questions
Discussion web
Expectation gird
Fact Question Response
Flip Flop Review
Framed paragraph
KWL Plus
List Group Label
Magnet Summary
Reciprocal Questioning
Save the Last Word for Me
Semantic Feature Analysis
Sequential Round Table
Summary Reflect Predict
Summary Topic Sentence
Word Family Tree
Word Sort
Word Wizard

Blackline Masters
Blackline Masters to get you started on developing your own Notebook Lessons.

Notebook file examples
   • KWL Plus (27 kb)
   • Word Sort (6 kb)
   • Anticipation Guide (930 kb)

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